Bead co.

Beads. Classes. Tools.
Custom Creations. Repairs.

Custom Jewelry Ideas ...

Signature Jewelry   *   Fingerprint Jewelry

Handwriting * Paw Prints * Puppy Nose

Metal Stampings Letters & Phrases

Encased artwork, writings, handprint, footprint, fingerprints

Wedding, Bridal Party, Mother of Bride Jewelry

Birthstone & Initial Family Jewelry

Baptism, Communion, Anniversary

& Occasion Jewelry and Momentos.

We adore custom work, learning about you & your family, helping you create the perfect item for your perfect someone.

* * * * * * *

Repairs & Repurpose

Bring in your dysfunctional & broken jewelry

for restringing love & repairing.

Let us help piece together old favorite parts to create new pieces.

Turn that old necklace into bracelets, earrings.

Old watches & broaches become new favorite accents.

We even have a class for Repurposing & Repairing Jewelry.

* * * * * * *

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Basic Repair Pricing:

$9.95* Bracelet 1 strand

$14.95* Bracelet 2 strand

Necklace $19.95* up to 18"

extra stringing .90/inch

Earrings $8-25*

Minimum Simple Repair fee $5 or $30/hr

*labor, plus materials