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Downtown Sioux Falls


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2016 BeadCo welcomes it's new artisan, naturistic cohort, Acorn19.

It's still us {Bead Co} ... it's us + more ... come see ... Acorn19-BeadCo

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Here to help!

Kind, Patient, Inspiring ... that's our goal.

Since Sept of 2000 we have prided ourselves in featuring a beautifully sparkly setting, a kind & helpful staff, and a stunning amount of choices!

Take a class ... we love to teach & offer small personal classes filled with lots of patient instruction & attention.

Make it yourself ... we love to see your creative side, in fact, please bring it in and show it off when you're done!

Ask us to make it ... we'll meet you half way, or take over entirely to match your desires, your wedding gown, your new shirt, your team colors.

Choices, choices, choices!

We adore Downtown Sioux Falls. It's a destination of boutiques, galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, art & entertainment. You can definitely plan a day downtown around your Bead Co. visit. Start planning here: Choices!

Or ... you can stay right there, in your jammies, with your coffee {if you're anything like me on a rare day off} and visit the online shoppes at & or ... lots of choices!

My name is Melanie. I started the Bead Co from scratch over 16 years ago {you get extra credit if you now say 'you mean when you were 17!?} I am blessed with amazing customers, wonderful staff, & a continual passion for helping, learning & creating. I love doing custom work more than anything. Bring in the kiddos for fingerprints, bring in Great-Grandma's jewelry so we can help repurpose it, bring Dad's signature or Fido's paw print so we can create a pure silver pendant from it's exact mold ... these are the things I love and I can promise it will show in your new gift or creation. I recently expanded the shop to showcase my love of nature inspired gifts & creations, so if you're not a 'beader' come by, we have something for you too! You have choices, let us prove we're a great one!

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